3M 983-72
April 7, 2017
60CM PP Trafffic Cone
April 24, 2017
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3M 983-71


Color: white, black, blue, yellow, red, orange, brown shape: Triangle, round, rectangular, octangular etc.
Size: All sizes customize
Material: aluminum and reflective sheeting
Reflective sheeting: 3M and China brand, PET and acrylic lifespan : 3-10 years
The road warning signs amin to warning the vehicles and passer-bys to pay attention to the danger and avoid it.
These signs will remind that there are crossings, road exits or possible rock falls ahead. Used in public places like roads, seaports, airports, parks, parking lots, schools, hospitals, libraries, museums, housing estates, squares, bus and railway stations , subways etc
Colors are for road signs
There are also another kind: Solar LED signs