3M Reflective Tape
April 24, 2017
3M EGP Reflective Sheets (7 yrs)
April 24, 2017
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3M CG Reflecting Sheets (5 yrs)

We offer a unique range of advanced high-intensity grade prismatic 3M CG Reflective Sheeting. It is similar to the technology used in earlier days for designing front projection effect in various movies with a screen having 100% reflectance. The product is available in various dimensional specifications.


The product with adhesive on the backing.Peeled the paper from the material, stick it on the ground directly.

Reflective film, a kind of novel reflective material is produced by special technology to combine reflector, which is formed by glass beads with polymer materials such as ,PVC, PC, PET, PMMA etc.

Mainly used in road signs manufacturing industry, traffic cone, delineator, warning post, stage set, trademark, license plate etc.

Safety protective equipment within reflective material can cause strong reflective effect under a certain light irradiation to provide the most effective and reliable security for the pedestrian in the dark or night operation personnel.


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