3M 2nd Grade Self Adhesive Reflective Tape
April 24, 2017
3M Reflective Tape
April 24, 2017
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China Brand Reflective Sheeting Tape

Our reflecting sheet commercial grade refective film is widely used for warning purpose can be used to make temporary traffic signs, plotter cutting into words and images.


Product Information:

Surface Film: PET Type
Thickness of film: 0.075mm
Thickness of Glue: 0. 035mm
Thickness of Release Paper: 0.12mm
Total thickness of products: 0.23mm
Weight of Release Paper: 125g/sqm
Type of Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Type
Strength of Adhesive: At the condition of 0.8kg, 5min, total length: 10cm, the falling Length≤2cm
Operation temperature: 20 ℃—-28℃
Working temperature: -20℃ — 60℃
Weight per sqm: 310±10g



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